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  • Where is the ID-furnicraft service area?

    The serving area may vary depending upon the size of your purchased furniture item. please refer to the following list:

    Craft Items: We ship worldwide

    Small Sized Furniture Items: We can deliver to inner Java Island

    Heavy Furniture Items: Currently we serve Yogyakarta Province and surrounding cities, including Surakarta. We’ll expand our service area soon


    What item include in furniture size category?

    Craft Items: Handicraft items

    Small Sized Furniture Items: Chairs, coffee table, side board, etc

    Heavy Furniture Items: Kitchen Set, Wardrobe, Backdrop TV, bed, etc


    What is the estimated delivery time?

    The delivery time may vary depending upon the size of your purchased furniture item. To calculate the estimated delivery time of your order, please refer to the following list:

    Craft Items: Next Day Delivery (Parcel Courier)

    Small Sized Furniture Items: 7-14 Business Days

    Heavy Furniture Items: 25-30 Business Days


    What if I don’t get my furniture even after the estimated date?

    ID-furnicraft strives to reduce the shipping time, though some technical glitches may result in delay. If you are waiting for longer than usual, you are requested either to track your order or to call our Customer Service Representatives


    Are there some additional fees to ship my product?

    You don’t have to pay anything extra for your order. All products at ID-furnicraft are shipped free of charge.


    How will you deliver my purchase?

    We have our delivery team and partnered with leading logistics companies to ensure that your furniture arrives intact and right on time.


    Can I receive my order at a different address?

    Yes, ID-furnicraft can deliver your furniture at an address other than the billing address.


    What am I responsible upon delivery?

    At the time of delivery, you are requested to ensure that the packaging is intact, no part is damaged or missing of your furniture. In case you find any damage, kindly contact our customer service representatives