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At ID-furnicraft, our priority is to provide our customers with a hassle free and seamless shopping experience. Hence, we have defined our return and refund policy keeping in mind the problems generally faced by our customers.

What if you have received a damaged product?

In case you receive a damaged product, instantly lodge a complaint at our customer care and at the same time file a request via an email at [email protected] Our customer care executive will respond immediately on your registered complaint and you will be provided a solution within 24 hours.

What if you wish to cancel your order?

In case you want to cancel your order due to any reason, ID-furnicraft provides to a 72-hour window from the time of placing the order to cancel your purchase. No questions will be asked to you seeking the reason for the cancellation of your order and the entire money whatsoever collected from you, will be refunded within 7 working days from the date of cancellation.

What if I want to cancel the order after 72 hours?

If you want to go for cancellation after 72 hours, then the initial booking amount which is generally 5-10% of the product price is not refunded to you. You need to understand that the furniture is manufactured by our in-house team only after you place an order. We don’t sell prefabricated furniture and hence we manufacture only on request. However, ID-furnicraft gives you several options to choose from in case you don’t want to lose your advance booking amount:

  1. In case you have postponed your plan to buy furniture, then you can keep your money safe with us in your ID-furnicraft account. This money could be later used to purchase furniture from ID-furnicraft.
  2. You may choose to replace your furniture with any other furniture on ID-furnicraft. The amount will be adjusted against the new purchase price. However, this option is available only up to seven days from the date of purchase.
  3. If you have chosen a furniture at any other website or online furniture stores and you are willing to buy that now, you can simply share with us the image or link of the product you are interested in.ID-furnicraft will make you the same product, and definitely at a price equal or less than that.

How does the return & refund process work?

Upon receiving the refund request our customer care executives shall get back via an email or call to you to get a confirmation. As stated earlier, no questions will be asked to the customer seeking the reason of cancellation. After the customer confirms cancellation to our executive, the amount paid by the customer during purchase will be processed back to them.

What if a replacement of the product is not available?

In case we are not able to process the replacement for the same product, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee in such circumstances.

How do I receive the refund amount?

The creditable refund amount is processed via the same means through which the order was placed.

How long does the refund take?

The estimated time duration that shall be required to process the refund amount shall be 7 working days.

For any other query simply call +62-899-800-5757 or mail us at [email protected]